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Azial / Apr 13, 2020

Here's a twink montage that I've been working on for about a week and finished today. I'm really proud of it even though some bits are rushed. It's gameplay (mainly pugs) from my recently made twink Druid and some Rogue clips in the 19s bracket. H...

Azial / Mar 27, 2020

Getting some new recruits as activity in the guild after P3 have been very low and on the server in general on Quemaw compared to dead PVE servers like Pyrewood. Been fun playing as a druid as well on my fresh hung twink!

Azial / Feb 06, 2020

So I was queuing alone doing some pugs (and I say I as my team was full of level 12s and 15s) and faced Stiknarkomanerne-Shazzrah which I guess is a Norwegian guild (?). It's always so cringe when you face these guys as they are legendary bad at t...