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<Green Tinted Goggles> wins 3 - 0 vs <Silverwing Sentinels>

Azial / Jan 28, 2020
It was a spontaneous premade. We were 9 with a low level who AFKd pretty much the whole game (maybe an alt from Silverwing Sentinels that's trying to sabotage - at least if you were to believe the conspiracy theories going around on different forums).

They were 7, so yeah they had 2 less players in their team but had 3 decked twinks (x2 from Golemagg and x1 from Zandalar) where as we dragged around with a level 12. So you could definitely say that the odds were stacked in their favour. We won 3 - 0 after a 45 min long game and 100 speed pots later from the Speedpotting Sentinels.

Not only did they lose hard but we also tanked their inventories. Something to be proud of!

Watch the highlights of the game here:] 3️⃣➖0️⃣ 🙏👶


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