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<Stiknarkomanerne> the worst of twinking

Azial / Feb 06, 2020
So I was queuing alone doing some pugs (and I say I as my team was full of level 12s and 15s) and faced Stiknarkomanerne-Shazzrah which I guess is a Norwegian guild (?). It's always so cringe when you face these guys as they are legendary bad at twinking.

You have to remember that these guys are reptiles. They follow their primal instinct which is KILL KILL KILL. That's how me and some guildies won facing these guys in a 5v9 and even though they had more than twice the amount of kills - they lost 3 - 0. No joke.

So here's a fun clip of how to pretty much escape their whole team. They won that pug (barley with 2/3) but it took them 41 minutes VS me and some by-passing levelers wanting to try out WSG for the nostalgia.
A one-man show.

You could also tell that they were triggered as they would all /spit on me (trust me they even had a macro for it - that's how much they spammed it) 😂

Watch the fun here:


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